Monique here, nice to see you. I am 19 years young, I have a sexy body and it seems I have no problems flirting with my eyes. I have seen the effect when I stare at a guy, he will walk behind me and not lets me go, and this is kinda creepy. Maybe I just wanted to talk, why is it that every signal I give is considered an invitation to fuck me? Offline, NO… However, in my room, there is me and my bed and the safety of my door being locked, and suddenly everything changes! When I am in control I am able to give, when I am feeling secure I am able to let myself go and release everything. One night stands never comfort me, they do not open me up. It is not the sex I enjoy the most. Online sex is like reading a perfect book, I go deep all the way! I will take your breath away, but I will leave enough for you to stay alive and come back soon to me!

2021 is well on its way, we are about to see better times. Let's meet now and make this day perfect!
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