Nice that you are here, I am Kimmy and I am here for the first time, I never was online, and I never was a cam girl, but after this terrible year of pandemics and lockdowns, I was forced with my back against the wall. My landlord and my bills are obviously blind to what is happening, no one cut me any slack. So, I did the most brutal thing ever, I went to one of the Best and Biggest Cam Studios in the world, NightProwl, and I decided to work with them after an intense interview and conversation. The reason they were so intense is that this work involves me being naked, and no one wants to force me or tell me what to do, so they asked me if I was aware of this, and before they finished the question I stood naked in front of them and told them “Where is my camera, and when can I work” and here I am. I love myself for this, I realized I wanted to do this way sooner, but I was afraid. Now I am not afraid anymore! And how will I prove this to you? Simple, you come to my room and I will show you!

I will find you in my free chat room when you make a nice introduction. Try me!
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