How to impress a Cam Girl

Make a Cam Girl Smile and See the effects!

When you are a fan of live cam girls and are a frequent visitor of their rooms and admirers of their shows, then you know that a cam girl is just like any other lady, an air-breathing person with a heartbeat and emotions and feelings. Yes, they are just like us, vulnerable and easy to disturb, when you know a woman a little you know what I talk about.  Women are like glass when you break them fixing them will make you bleed more, so if you ones made that mistake, learn from it and move on. In some sort of way you are allowed to move on, but let there be a sort of improvement so you dont end like a jerk online. To make a cam girl smile you can focus on catchy openings lines, and this should be a little funny and utmost sincere. We call this being WITTY.  Being witty breaks the ice, makes the emotions go to Chill Phase, and makes the woman more interested in you. Now, assuming this is the basic feeling everyone deserves, we will learn you today how to reach a level higher and make her laugh, and then you will see changes in everything, cause a woman that smiles is like the sun in a dark place, it brightens the world!

Learn how to make jokes!

Do you think humor is something you are born with? No, not at all. Humor is deeper then this, it can tell a woman you are confident, it can tell a cam girl you have been through some rough shit and survived and came better out of it and you can make jokes about it. Humor is a sign that you have grown into a more mature thinking human being and that you have empathy and the ability to be understanding. Humor is something a woman loves, they become weak instantly, cause laughing is a personal expression of emotions and this is the perfect start of an Emotional Connection with a Cam Girl working nude on the cam.  We have some opening lines made for you that can help you on your way! Opening lines are the initial portions of dialogue or text in a written book or other media work often constituted by at least the first sentence or a fragment thereof. A good opening line, or incipit, is usually considered desirable. And we add WITTY to the mix of ingredients and will give you the pointers on how to become like this, how to make witty jokes!

  1. Be quick. Wittiness by definition has to do with being quick and clever. 
    Timing is everything. When it comes to wit the time you spend processing your thoughts may be a missed opportunity.
  2. Say whatever comes to your mind.
    Wit is about delivering the unexpected.
  3. Don’t be invested in the outcome.
    Wit doesn’t try hard
  4. Engage in Banter (playful and friendly exchange of teasing remarks).
    People love to feel like you’re paying attention to them and building on the things they say with humor will go a long way to making them feel things for you.
  5. Know a little something. Dont joke about things you have no knowledge.
    Polish your wit with a little knowledge of popular culture, words of a song or a good book.
  6. Keep your ears open for opportunities to weave in earlier jokes
    Think about your favorite stand up routine. The trick of the trade is being able to tell a story while using a common thread that unites all of what you’re saying.
  7. End on a high note.
    Be like a comedian. Hypothetically drop the mike and end the show while everyone’s still laughing.
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