My name is Elena, I am 42 years old, I am a chemical engineer. I love extreme entertainment, jumping rope, doing yoga, cycling, going to the cinema, theater, organ hall. In the evenings I spend time with my daughters, cook dinner, read, and sometimes do needlework. I also love a glass of good wine and music, of course, barbecue in nature. Any model deserves respect, she tries to make a show what she can, to give joy, pleasure, and communication for you, orgasm. Please appreciate it, thank the model, remember the best compliments are tokens. And of course, I love sex, I will try to support any of your imaginations. I am also fond of the Japanese art of shibari, it gives me a loss of time and space, I make you forget about all the problems.

There is no reason for you to NOT come to my room. Follow your heart!

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