Hi, I am Escarlet Smit I’m 20 years old, I consider myself to be a funny person, brave despite circumstance, I am a warrior for my goal. My hobbies are: out up at the beach, out up to the cinema and I met with my family in the ranch. I like to read, my favorites stories are “The fault lies with the cow” “addictions” and “the eighth commandment” I prefer the books about self-help. I like to play and watch baseball it’s my favorite sport, I like all the musical genres, my favorites singers are Selena Gomez, Taylor Swift, and Dua Lipa. I always wanted to travel around the world, I hope that someday I can travel to my favorites countries like Spain, the USA, and France. In my free time, I like to watch series like sex education and Chicago fire, I tell you a secret: my dream is to be the best dancer.n Let’s talk more in my room, I am sure you have a lot to say and tell, and we can share this in a conversation.

I welcome you into my live cam bedroom. Tell me who you are, let’s connect!

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