I am Emily, and I am a kind woman, I have 18 years, and have always been the girl that stands in a corner during a school dance. I never was popular and I was not a star in making friends with other girlfriends. It did not take so long before everyone ignored me. Sweet people always finish last my mother told me. Today, I am sweet, but with a sparkle in my eye, a hunger for affection, and an urge to find recognition with one of my fans. I will never become a bitch cause my life was a struggle, no, I am able to find those who have also hurt in silence, and I am there for you when you are one of them. Let’s connect and build up each other’s confidence and soul, let’s lift each other’s spirits, and while we do so have some honest sincere sex!

I am happy to see you here. Come to my live cam bedroom now! See you soon!
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