Drama with Cam Girls

You can see it happen, you found a nice live sex mate to play with, spend time and exchange information. And then feelings kick in, something you, obviously, can not seem to stop from happening. She is also responsive to those emotions and is not holding herself back, you perceive this as a mutual interest, and your emotions and feelings become more long term. You think about waking up next to her, you imagine making her breakfast on bed, you picture you and her on the top of the Eifel Tower in Paris declare each other eternal love and promise to be there always for each other.  Then these ideas begin to start getting a serious shape in your mind. External factors might add to this, like you paying for the sessions and sending her massive amounts of gifts. You actually feel that you are taking care of her, and you are allowed to feel that. The basic reality is that you and she are both in need of each other, you both found common grounds to continue on, and there is no reason to NOT enjoy this feeling, but it can go into many other directions also, and those are not by definition the situations you want to run into. You might want to stop this or lose yourself in DRAMA.

How does Drama begin

The term “drama” comes from a Greek word meaning “action” and that is exactly the KEYWORD here, Action, equal to expectations and generally resulting in disappointments.  At the moment you are disappointed, you are encountered with a feeling that has been started by someone else, but it did involve a whole lot of you in this to make it happen. What I am trying to say is, you create Drama and you can count on it that it will have an effect on from her side. Why would you create drama?

  1. You have feelings for her she can not answer in her own way.
  2. You expected her to be yours more and more, you claim her.
  3. You send her fantasies that are happening OUTSIDE her cam room
  4. You are stepping into her personal world, and claim her emotions
  5. You had bad relations in the past and use this model to act out on it and relife them.
  6. You are half female and know Drama is keeping you awake and sharp.
Let’s first analyze the 6 given points to a language everyone understands.
  1. Cam Girls have Secured their feelings and are careful, this needs time for them to accept this
    Patience was a key, you overstepped this.
  2. Receiving gifts is nice, but too much creates a creepy obligation.
    Girls are not stupid, they know you want to impress them, do not overdo it!
  3. Fantasy sharing outside a cam room is an attempt to undermine her safe room she uses to speak to you
    You are taking away the safety of her privacy, this can only be considered as a dangerous move
  4. Do not step into her personal world, do not mention her family or friends when she is not doing that.
    Do not think ladies are impressed when you force your way into her private world, you risk losing her respect.
  5. Therapeutiocal fights are very common, and this calls for a new niche
    You might find the drama you are looking for in the Fetish Cam World, speak to a Goddess and learn something new!
  6. This point needs no explanation, the drama is sometimes used to find out if you still matter
    Women use this technique to find out if you are still passionate about her.

How to Avoid Drama in a nice way

We all agree with drama on the cam rooms is something we are not feeling happy about, for the model it eats her energy, and for the client it makes him feel bad too. Drama is personal, it comes with emotions and it affects the situation in a very negative way. The live cam Industry was not created for this, we are trying to moderate the emotions as much as possible, we are trying to exclude negative emotions, we give models the tools to block users, to ban certain countries, to remain under the radar, cause the history has shown us that Drama on a Cam Room can affect lives, it can make people depressed, it can break emotions and spirits, and it can finally result in suicidal behavior.

Free Professional Support for Sex Workers!

We understand that live cam performers and sex workers in this industry are encountering rude people, harassment and assaults. All unwanted and unasked for. But this proves ones again how rotten this internet world id when people just do what they want and say what they want.  We have created a collaboration with Pineapplesupport.org and promoted the service world wife for many years now, there is not a model that not knows about them. So, if you are a client, and you have been a horrible person, then you can count on it that your case has been talked about and one volunteer has told a cam model that your negative attitude is not worthy to care about. Now see what you have done? Be a nice guy and make a nice world around you and even the live cam girls will become your biggest fans.