Hi, I am Chloe, nice seeing you here. I am a girl that is easy to love, easy to admire, cause I am down to earth and I am not pretending to be someone I am not. Pretentious girls plenty everywhere, they are no fun, they are only there to get your “thing” and that is all. They collect mental pictures of dicks they made cum. I can understand guys do this, and I thought girls would be so much better, but fucking NO NO. I am not like this, I am born in the countryside, I have respect for nature and animals, I appreciate the hard-working man on the land, and here is where I come in, I am here for those guys who have hard lives, and have to maintain a lot of people with their salaries. I am not an expensive model, I mind your limited time, and I do not mind if you only come for 5 minutes, it is already kind of enough that you spend it with me, I will make it worth your while.

Today is a beautiful day, care to make it an amazing day for the both of us?

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