Hi! ✌ If you read it, then it means you have an interest in me. And it makes me happier! My name is Lisa. In my accent, it’s not hard to guess where I come from ^.^ Why am I’m cat3mom? Because I’m a sick fan of cats! Meow. I have 4 cats, which I took from the street. I love them very much and try to make them happy! Also, I embroider paintings with cats. I have three tattoos with cats. And according to the Egyptian horoscope, I was born under the sign Bastet, the goddess-cat. I have lovely sex toys, from sexy dildos to a rare collection of butt plugs. Now, come play with this kitten, I will not bite you when you give me belly rubs.

Is this your first time having virtual sex? Let me take your virginity.

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