Hello, my name is Ashley! Nice to see you here. I’m 19 years old, I’m Single. I don’t like Rude or abusive persons or animal abusing people. I love animals, and if you want to piss me off, and have you banned from my room just tell me you hate animals, and I consider you a bacteria! I have few rules but they are very important to me, make sure to follow them. Never call me a whore, bitch, etc. even as a “dirty talk” (I will ban instantly you) and I do not have personal meetings. Now, the things that have been said I wanted people to know on forhand. Now I can tell you about the nice things that will happen to you when you are a nice kind man, maybe have a cat or dog, or a few birds, I don’t care. But if you have animals, you will have my interest!

Your day will be unique, let me help you remind it forever!

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