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Hello Guys, I am Amy | My Profile

I wanted to share with you some of my experiences with you guys and show you how you all have helped me to change my life. Before I was an independent cam girl I was a waitress in a very rude place. Every day I was serving people their drinks and foods and many times I was complimented by slaps on my ass or them hugging me cause they were drunk. I had to work cause I have food and bills to pay. But I became pretty depressed every time I went to work and this made me feel sadder. Many times I asked myself “Is this my life” and why would I be happy if this is it.

I have a pretty face and a sexy body, of this I am aware since people intimidated me on the streets, calling me names, catcalling me, making me feel like an object, and this made me feel more shallow and meaningless. I want to be someone important for someone, I wanted to hear every day how they feel better cause I am part of their lives. Searching for affection and acknowledgment that you are a woman and have a right to exist, it’s not a privilege to be a woman at all. Especially when many guys see a simple one night stand in you.

What changed after becoming a cam girl?

After many days of trying to find a new goal in life, I was browsing the web and searched for money-making opportunities and there it was, a clear bold message on top of results claiming that I can make money and dont need to know difficult things like a new language or how to make a PC work. No, the advertisement said clearly ” We are looking for Girls who want to talk to our male visitors on the chat”  and this was something I had already heard of when my friends talked to each other, and I was aware they sometimes shared experiences on Webcam Sites they did visit. They told each other how to find the best webcams and how to come in contact with cybersex clients who are searching for a girl to have an online digital experience with.

This sounded to me like:

  1. A safe job, no real contact, no touching, no smells, no fears
  2. A way to learn how to talk with strangers in different languages.
  3. A way to make more money then anyone would pay me for just being cute and nice
  4. An opportunity I needed to explore, and so I did.

So, I went to and signed up as a model, filled out my profile info, uploaded my papers and waiting for verification to have my account up and running. In the meantime, I was thinking that visiting cam communities would increase my knowledge a little, and it never hurts to learn about the things you are facing, I am not naive anymore, I needed information, but I still felt like a chicken in the hen house and decided to wait with everything until I find some information that I can believe. Like the devil plaid with my thoughts, I received that same week an email from KittensLive, they approved my account and asked me if I was in need of information or guidance. I send my answer back and 2 hours later I was having a skype video call with an account manager of KittensLive and I asked her if there was a possibility to meet other cam girls in real life and exchange information with them. And like an angel from heaven, I was bumping into, the biggest live cam event in the world, here is where all models come together and meet the website owners they are working with.

It was 2015, location Mamaia, Romania. I arrived in the early morning on the event location, and prepare myself mentality for 3 full days of networking with girls and trying to get the confidence for me to start my job online and make it happen! After I received my FREE entertainer pass (free!) I mingled on the floors and talked with hundreds of people in 3 days’ time. My voice could not handle it, and then the mega cam parties that are visited by thousands of people, it is amazing, it is beyond anything I had ever see, how the hell do these guys manage to put up such a great event and connect the whole industry in a beach resort and make 3 days of business and parties!!

After 3 days of moving around in a world that was first new to me, I felt like the best and most appreciated model ever. I went to the stand of KittensLive also, they checked my account to make sure it was really ready to go, and it was. I asked them for tips, how to begin a first day, how to act and how to present myself. They invited me to a workshop that would happen the same day with like-minded models who are in need of a little support to start. I was thinking that I would not learn many new things, but boy was I wrong.  In this workshop, I learned in 2 hours’ time how to manage my account, how to work with my settings on how to optimize my streamings and how to stay interesting and fascinate my fans over and over again!

The results are visible

Yes, 5 years later, I have 2059 ratings, a record-holding time in my chat room, people just got addicted to me, and thanks to the informative AWSumit workshops I managed to receive a GOLD certificate, and have been awarded many silver awards for my responsive and attentive room where everyone is always welcome to chat with me. I have been actually nominated as one of the best models in the world. but I will try to focus more on you, cause I am not such a hoarder for awards, but thank you guys for all of this, cause it was your VOTE that has brought me this.

Thank you Live Sex Mate

Thanks to the personal management and responsibilities of the team working on Live Sex Mate I have been able to higher and upper my status in this live cam world. Guidance and promotion have helped me increase and work on my skills. I love the fact I get every day emails from people who read my websites, and I hope they will share my article with others.

Kisses, Amy Riders!