Hello to everyone! First of all want to say thank you for being with me and reading this, I appreciate it a lot! I wrote this in case if you would like to know better the person behind the camera 🙂 This is me, a girl of 19 years old, a second-year student of the University 🙂 I go on studying programming. I guess, it’s an up-to-date career that can help me to become a prosperous person. My classmates speak in game I am an eager beaver, and yes I am lol. My days are usually busy with studies and I am often pressed for time, but I always find a few hours for my hobbies, gym, learning languages, bike and yoga. A little about my room: Honestly, in my room I don’t want to use words like “rules” , “you must .. ” , “You don’t have to..” and the similar because we are here to rest from all this. I just want to say that I treat you like gentlemen’s, it doesn’t matter you are green, gold or grey. So I just want you to treat me like a lady. So we have only one the main rule here, act like gentleman!

I am waiting for you in my live cam room and hope to see you soon!

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