Hello! My name is Adelle. I started to cam with the intention to make some money but in time I discovered that I really enjoy what I do. I am the girl who always has a smile on her face, I am a very positive person, always seeing the good side in everything, rarely letting something ruin my mood. It’s a good chance that when you will join my room, you will see me singing and dancing. I love to seduce through my slow and sensual moves. Even though sometimes I seem childish and innocent, you may be impressed by how dirty my mind can be. I can be your sweet little angel or your naughty demon. Which do you prefer? Even though I am Indian, I wasn’t born there, so I don’t know the language very well. I always dreamed about visiting the Taj Mahal. But my real big dream is that one day when I will have my own family, being wealthy enough to offer my child everything he needs.

You can come to my room, and we will have a nice conversation to start with.

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